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I'm a technology professional who manages information technology and security teams. I'm interested in helping organizations maximize the returns on technology by carefully balancing the benefits, costs, and risks of technology investments.

Outside of work I'm a husband and father. I play guitar and Chapman Stick, write fiction, and need to exercise and sleep more. My favorite drinks are water, espresso, and tequila. I'm naturally a night person, but children have a way of making such preferences irrelevant. I love living in Eugene, Oregon.

I've worked in book shops, record stores, and publishing houses. I spent a summer building and repairing trails in Alaska. I have a degree in mathematics and am not-so-great at addition.

There. That should give the social engineers enough to start cracking my SECRET IDENTITY VERIFICATION QUESTIONS. I certainly sleep better at night knowing that my carefully constructed 12-plus character passwords, which include letters, digits, and special characters, can be quickly bypassed by someone who reads my blog and has discovered that my high school English teacher was Mr. Wright (who cured me, by the way, of my teenage terror of writing).


It turns out that there is another Kevin Kenan in Eugene. He has a MySpace page and apparently sings in a metal band. I've never met the guy, but I have to say it is rather odd that the two top Google hits for "Kevin Kenan" happen to both live in the same small city in the Pacific Northwest. I certainly didn't believe it the first time I was told of my local doppelganger. Teaches me to be fooled by randomness.

Hope you enjoy the blogs.